Every successful project starts with an idea. On a good day, ideas are flowing. You have great ideas. We can help you develop a plan forward, either through an involved strategic planning process or just by simply engaging in a phone conversation.

Primm Research provides you with a third-party, independently contracted research department. Whether it is a specific project or a long-term assignment, the network gives you access to a broad spectrum of experts and analysts from numerous specialties and industries.

Need to determine the feasibility of a new educational program?  Utilize a third-party organization with experience and integrity.

Our experts include analysts, researchers, and economists representing: tourism, healthcare, higher education, economic development, private business, non-profit management, and telecommunications.

Require an economic impact assessment for an EB-5 program USCIS application? Contact one organization that has access to economists and analysts specializing in all industries and regions of the United States.

How can the network help you?  Contact Primm Research and I’ll work to assemble the most appropriate team for your organization.