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Culture Across Communities – Nonprofit impact @ eleven metros (including Pittsburgh)

A recent report by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance takes a look at the cultural ecology of select metro regions. In their most expansive study to date, the team examines the recent financial, programmatic, audience, and administrative data from 5,502 cultural nonprofit organizations.

The methodology builds on a 2014 Portfolio, which examined the health and scope of Greater Philadelphia’s cultural sector since the Great Recession, this report expands analysis to the nonprofit cultural sectors in 11 metro regions. The regions include the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.

At a local level in Pittsburgh, the Forbes Funds, The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council are doing great things to build the capacity of Pittsburgh’s nonprofit cultural organizations and assess nonprofit impact. Data collection and assessments are valuable to funders, advocates, and legislators.

Maud Lyon, President of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance succinctly states, “The underlying impact of our collective work underscores the importance of continued investment in arts and culture.” Just as collective work underscores the importance, Primm Research believes it is equally valuable for individual organizations to benchmark and measure their own importance.

Take a moment to review the report made available by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

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