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Non-Profit Economic Impact

One of the biggest challenges facing community-based nonprofits today is how to generate, leverage, and maximize limited resources in support of enhancing the social and economic growth in their communities.

While community-based organizations are critical to developing and enhancing the social capital that supports economic growth and development, often times their contribution to the growth and stability of the community goes underappreciated.  In speaking with countless organizations, many have expressed difficulty developing a business-case message.

The nonprofit community needs help quantifying their business-case to legislators, policy makers, and private donors. Economic impact is a tool that should be utilized by all nonprofits.

The new business-case should highlight community-based nonprofits as “investors” and “supporters” partnering with the private sector for the benefit of the community’s economy. It would be great to continue the discussion so please contact me if you have any questions about how your non-profit economic impact study can benefit your community-based organization.


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