Economic Impact of Heritage Tourism

“Collecting visitor data is just as important as collecting their dollars.”

Tourism organizations must consistently collect visitor data. The same process used by “grand-scale” tourism attractions can be utilized by “quaint” volunteer-operated heritage sites.

A few months ago I partnered with Sherris Moreira for a presentation at the 2014 PA Museums Conference. Our topic was From Historic Site to Attraction: The Economics of Heritage Tourism. The presentation essentially consists of two parts. My focus was the analytic component of heritage tourism and how heritage organizations can utilize customized economic impact analyses to re-frame their business case to supporters. Sherris provided specific examples of how heritage tourism organizations can maximize their existing cultural resources and market them to audiences. She utilized her specific examples of success with heritage tourism organizations.

Please enter your email address to download the Economic Impact portion of the presentation. The presentation available for download reviews essential visitor information to capture and suggests a few of the best ways to collect it.

Please be sure to contact me if you have any questions or would like to continue this important discussion.


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