David Primm

Primm ResearchWelcome to the Primm Research Network. Just a few paragraphs about me so we can get that out of the way and focus on you. I was born and raised in the Monongahela Valley of Southwestern Pennsylvania. For those not familiar, I’ll just say Pittsburgh.

I started Primm Research after years of experience working for a large, corporate research giant and a health care consulting firm. Along the way I made great friends and managed to meet a lot of talented individuals I try to stay in touch with.

The Primm Research Network is designed to help you. We provide clients with the decision-making data and economic impact research they need in an efficient manner. The focus will be on your organization as we empower you with research, analysis, and insight to help you succeed.

Our network includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, and marketers from the tourism, non-profit, higher education, healthcare, and government sectors. Call me at 412-404-8279.