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Becca Selah is a wonderful designer and an even better colleague, if that makes sense. What I mean is, she designs clean graphics from complex concepts, but on top of that gives 110% to the projects she works on. Becca and I have worked together on a few projects and I hope our partnership continues. Becca […]

Becca Selah – Freelance Designer

Lara is a freelance consultant, designer, and front-end web developer. She creates custom web experiences and branding for small businesses, startups and individuals, and teaches web design and front-end development in the forms of private instruction, classes, and workshops. I worked with Lara to design the Primm Research website. Her approach was unique. Given my […]

Lara Schenck – Web Designer and Developer

Mario Zucca is a talented illustrator that I have been lucky enough to know as a close friend and trusted colleague. We worked together on a few projects. When I started planning the Primm Research website, I knew that he had to be involved. Mario designed many of the illustrations you will find on the […]

Mario Zucca, Owner of Mario Zucca Illustration

Doug Keith has almost 20 years of experience in the research industry, doing both qualitative and quantitative work.  Doug trained as a focus group moderator at the Burke Research Institute in Cincinnati, OH, and has conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups for a variety of clients across industries, including broadcast and cable, IT, telecom, pharmaceutical, […]

Doug Keith – President of Future Research Consulting