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A recent report by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance takes a look at the cultural ecology of select metro regions. In their most expansive study to date, the team examines the recent financial, programmatic, audience, and administrative data from 5,502 cultural nonprofit organizations. At a local level in Pittsburgh, the Forbes Funds, The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council are doing great things to build the capacity of Pittsburgh’s nonprofit cultural organizations and assess nonprofit impact.

Culture Across Communities – Nonprofit impact @ eleven metros (including ...

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One of the biggest challenges facing community-based nonprofits today is how to generate, leverage, and maximize limited resources in support of enhancing the social and economic growth in their communities. While community-based organizations are critical to developing and enhancing the social capital that supports economic growth and development, often times their contribution to the growth […]

Non-Profit Economic Impact

Marshawn Lynch
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch did what he felt was right following a game. Lynch has a history of not wanting to talk to the media, of electing to stay silent and keeping his pregame and post-game thoughts to himself. His post-game interview on 11/23/2014 earned him the 2014 Challenging Respondent of the Year Award.

Challenging Respondents

“Collecting visitor data is just as important as collecting their dollars.” Tourism organizations must consistently collect visitor data. The same process used by “grand-scale” tourism attractions can be utilized by “quaint” volunteer-operated heritage sites. A few months ago I partnered with Sherris Moreira for a presentation at the 2014 PA Museums Conference. Our topic was From Historic Site […]

Economic Impact of Heritage Tourism

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According to a recent Wall Street Journal article…”Investors from China have accounted for about 85% of the visas this year, so the State Department action brings the program to a near standstill for the time being, experts said. They predict that next fiscal year the visas will be claimed even more quickly.” The increasing popularity of […]

Investment in EB-5 reaches highest recorded levels

Heritage Area Economic Impact
Dr. Steve Morse, director of Western Carolina University’s Hospitality and Tourism Program, organized the “Tourism Works for North Carolina” conference to include sessions on tourism’s impact on local economies, strategies for telling tourism’s economic development stories, updates on state tourism marketing, perspectives from local and regional tourism organizations, building a championship tourism team, and community partnerships. I was fortunate […]

National Heritage Area Economic Impact

EB-5 and Pittsburgh
The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States visa created by the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States.  You can view the ABC’s of the EB-5 Visa, produced by Bloomberg TV, for a brief tutorial.  […]

EB-5 and the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center

Ruiying Yan, manager of the Beijing Office of the Idea Foundry and EB-5 Specialist of the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center, shared some interesting information and statistics about China’s examples of Facebook and Twitter. This information gave me insight into the social media options in China and allows me to better relate with regional centers marketing […]

Chinese Social Media Curious?

“The Researcher Within” will profile my colleagues and friends, the Primm Research Network, and how they use research within their life or organization to make decisions or track successes. The updates will also include useful reports, data, and analysis. As I encounter new and exciting material, I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due. […]

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