About Primm Research

Your work REALLY means a lot to you. You strive to succeed. You wear “TYPE-A” as a badge of courage. Committed is an understatement. Do these sound familiar?


Project deadlines and balancing your workload leads to long hours spent in the office and longer hours at home. You know decision-making requires research. You have research questions that need answered.

  • What are the market trends?
  • How many jobs will this create?
  • What is the economic impact?


You need to seek help. Remember some projects require a third-party analyst. Identifying when to call in extra resources is a skill shared by strong leaders.

The Primm Research Network members are a group of baby-boomers, gen-X’ers, and millennials that still value the importance of a phone call as much as a Hangout.  We personally work with, support, and guarantee the work of our freelancers, academics, and “corporate ex-pats.” We are all seeking refuge to do what we all love most…strive to succeed.

The Primm Research Network includes analysts, researchers, and designers with experience in your industry. We will not commit to a project that we cannot deliver. We will provide market analysis, data collection, economic impact research, and strategic planning to help you succeed.



Call today. Our network includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, and marketers from the tourism, hospitality, non-profit, higher education, healthcare, and government sectors.